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1GHz DC-Voltage Blocking Coupler

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  • Used to stop voltage from entering a device
  • Protects sensitive test equipment from damage test
  • Two bandwidths available for use in CATV and Satellite applications
  • Low insertion loss for transparent operation
  • High return loss for unsurpassed performance in digital signal environments

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Bandwidth Flatness Insertion Loss Return Loss
VBC 5~1000MHz @ 1GHz >0.5dB @ 40MHz <0.3dB >20dB (min)
VBC-HRL 5~3000MHz @ 1GHz >0.3dB
@ 2GHz >1.0dB
@ 1GHz <0.1dB
@ 2GHz <0.3dB

Ordering Information

Ordering Information
VBC 1GHz DC-Voltage Blocking Coupler
VBC-HRL 3GHz DC-Voltage Blocking Coupler

VBC Data Sheet

This data sheet contains branding from Pico Digital, a recent ATX subsidiary.

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