CIR, Chromadigm Integrated RFoG TX


The ChromaFlex Chromadigm integrated transmitter (CIR) is a transmitter for RFoG and other applications where only a single wavelength is required. An integrated EDFA provides the option of 2, 4 or 8 outputs at +18 or 20 dBm each. Each output can be configured to include 1610nm reflect ports for the upstream RFoG return and express ports for all PON wavelengths to eliminate external space requirements and multiple optical connections increasing network reliability.


  • Transmitter with integrated EDFA with up to eight 20 dBm outputs is ideal for centralized RFoG deployments
  • Integrated filters for 1610nm RFoG return and all PON wavelengths (EPON, 10G EPON, GPON and xGPON) to eliminate external WDM and multiple connections
  • Chromadigm high performance patented technology advantage
  • +20 dBm SBS threshold over 20 km
  • Remote monitoring via SNMP v2c, Web GUI, Telnet, or local CLI interface
  • 4 modules in a single 2RU ChromaFlex chassis