Chassis & Accessories


The ChromaFlex 2RU chassis has 8 module slots and supports either single-slot or double-slot wide application modules. Housed together in the chassis are the power supplies, application modules and a controller module. It incorporates a mid-plane design with application modules inserted in the front, and power supplies, RF, and LAN connections in the rear. The ChromaFlex chassis supports redundant, load sharing power supplies that are hot-swappable, and offers field replaceable cooling fans. The hot-swappable controller module provides local and remote status monitoring functions.



  • 2RU high density chassis
  • 1.2 GHz RF interfaces
  • 8 non-exclusive application module slots
  • Rear access, hot-swappable, load sharing, redundant, dual power supplies
  • Front access optical connections
  • Passive mid-plane design
  • Rear panel RF connections
  • Local CLI and remote SNMP v2c, web GUI and Telnet monitoring

Controller Module

  • Hot-swappable
  • Provides local and remote status monitoring functions of chassis
  • Front access to local CLI port for DSP-HHU hand-held controller
  • Remote access enabled via SNMP v2c, web GUI and Telnet
  • Installed in the front center slot of the ChromaFlex chassis

Universal AC & -48 VDC Power Supply Modules

  • Hot-swappable, load sharing power supplies
  • 2 power supplies are required in each chassis for redundancy and airflow to cool application modules
  • Install at rear so do not occupy any of the 8 application module slots
  • High wattage and efficiency
  • 2 versions: universal AC or -48 VDC
  • Field-replaceable fan for cooling supplies and optical modules
  • Local CLI or remote SNMP v2c, web GUI and Telnet monitoring