DMTx4, 1550 Direct Mod TX


ATX supplies directly modulated C-Band DWDM transmitters to 1.218 GHz at 100 GHz spacing, supporting ITU channels from 20 to 59. These DMT DWDM transmitters are single-slot modules with 2, 3 or 4 wavelengths per module, which can have individual outputs or can be internally multiplexed to 1 output. DMT2 versions have a common broadcast and 2 narrowcast inputs, while DMT3 versions have a common broadcast and 3 narrowcast inputs, and DMT4 versions have 4 unicast inputs. DMT4 versions are especially rack space-efficient achieving the density of 16 transmitters per RU making them ideal for medium reach, high density applications.


  • Bandwidth: 50-1218 MHz
  • Dual/triple/quad transmitters per module
  • High density design: up to 16 transmitters per RU
  • Transmitter versions available in any wavelength combination and in the ITU Interoperable Wavelength Plan Groups 1 through 4: DMT24 – 2 ITU lasers with common broadcast and 2 narrowcast inputs; DMT34 – 3 ITU lasers with common broadcast and 3 narrowcast inputs; DMT44 – 4 ITU lasers with individual, unicast RF inputs where any RF Broadcast/Narrowcast combining must be done before the transmitter
  • Optional output port configurations: multiplexed single output; multiplexed single output with express port; individual wavelength outputs
  • Front access to LC/APC optical output connectors, selectable RF test point and LED indicators for RF and optical power alarms
  • Local and remote status monitoring and management via SNMP, CLI and web-based GUI