EDFA, Optical Amplifiers


ATX’s wide range of EDFA optical amplifiers complement any 1550nm, DWDM transmitters. These EDFA amplifiers enhance the versatility of ATX transmitters by extending reach and/or the ability to overcome multiplexing and demultiplexing losses in multi-wavelength applications. ATX supplies 2 types of EDFA optical amplifiers optimized for either gain flattened amplifier operation for multi-wavelength applications, or for single wavelength constant power, typically for RFoG or 1550nm PON overlay applications.


  • Low noise performance
  • Constant gain or constant power options
  • Multiple gain and total power options
  • Integrated filter or circulator based express ports
  • 1-slot ChromaFlex module
  • Up to 8 modules in a single 2RU ChromaFlex chassis
  • SNMP, Telnet or web GUI remote monitoring

ChromaFlex CF-GCA EDFA

This high density, single-slot module operates in a constant gain mode for multi-wavelength operation. As wavelengths are added, the gain per wavelength remains constant and the composite total output power will vary to maintain consistent optical levels on a per wavelength basis ensuring network performance.

ChromaFlex CF-CPA EDFA

This very cost-effective, constant power version operates in a fixed constant output power mode for single wavelength or applications where the number of wavelengths is fixed.