MD16: Headend in a Box

MD16: Headend in a Box

ATX’s MD16 is an ultra-compact “headend in a box” for the secure delivery of cable, satellite, and IPTV content to MDUs, headend in the sky (HITS), and hospitality video clients. Offering the performance, functionality, and broadcast-approved security features of a traditional multi-rack headend within a compact 5-RU form factor, the high-density MD16 decodes, decrypts, re-encrypts, and rebroadcasts content in IP, QAM, or analog NTSC output, while providing end-to-end content protection from uplink to the TV. Scaling from a few channels to 96 transponders of video content, the MD16 platform offers the highest density available on the market, the lowest cost per HD channel, and an unmatched feature set.

*Satellite receiver blade not available for U.S. market

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  • High Density – Up to 96 transponders of video content in an ultra-compact form factor.
  • Low Cost of Ownership – Full headend functionality in a single low-cost unit that consumes 25% less power than comparably equipped systems.
  • Security – Output can be scrambled using DRM- or CASbased encryption, with formats such as LG PRO:IDIOM®, Samsung LYNK®, and Verimatrix VCAS supported. Content is scrambled until displayed by the TV.
  • Ease of Use – Front-facing connectors, top-accessible fans, and front-panel Ethernet connectivity make installation and maintenance quick and easy, while a built-in 96-channel stacking switch (CSS) simplifies connection to satellite dishes. Easy-to-read LEDs provide immediate notification of issues with the unit, while a built-in, intuitive web interface provides the convenience of remote management.
  • Reliability – Redundant power supplies implement load sharing to reduce wear and ensure continued operation, while the wandering-master architecture of the unit’s hot-swappable modular cards allows quick switch over in the event of a failure. An internal multi-Gb Ethernet switching fabric enables nonblocking, seamless packet transfers between cards.
  • Flexibility – Create digital and analog cable TV and IPTV signals to supply to different clients at the same time.


  • Compact 5-RU form factor
  • End-to-end content protection from uplink to the TV
  • 12 slots for multiple satellite, QAM, ATSC, DBV-T/T2 or ISDB-T input cards
    • Each card features eight tuners to either descramble one TV service or pass through a complete transponder or carrier
    • Optional transcoder module for format conversions of eight streams per blade
  • Four slots for QAM and NTSC output cards
    • The QAM output card is available with 16, 48 or 96 channels (72, 144 or 288 services)
    • The NTSC output card provides 24 RF analog channels
    • DVB-T and ISDB-T output card now available
    • Output is free-to-air or scrambled using either DRM or CAS-based encryption
  • Supports multiple encryption formats, including LG PRO:IDIOM®, Samsung LYNK®, and Verimatrix VCAS
  • Fully secure platform
  • Front-facing connectors and top-accessible fans
  • Built-in 96-channel stacking switch (CSS)
  • Remote management via a built-in, intuitive web interface
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Hot-swappable modular cards with a wandering-master architecture
  • Internal multi-Gb Ethernet switching fabric
  • Low power consumption