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GigaXtend Universal Access Node

ATX’s next-generation universal node is a forward-looking, futureproof solution that enables MSOs to fully capitalize on the capabilities of Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) and digital technologies, while seamlessly accommodating future technologies and architectures as they become available.

The GigaXtend™ UN3000 delivers superior power dissipation. Its built-in support for future spectrum expansion to 3GHz and higher empowers MSOs to address near-term requirements for Remote PHY Device (RPD) or Remote MAC-PHY Device (RMD) applications, as well as provides a roadmap for future and simultaneous support of additional DAA applications, including DOCSIS® 4.0, Extended Spectrum DOCSIS® (ESD), Remote OLT, wireless backhaul and Internet of Things (IoT). The unit’s new and environmentally-hardened housing ensures that MSOs are able to realize the unfettered evolution of their networks without the need to replace expensive outside plant equipment for the next several years.


  • Futureproof Protection: The GigaXtend UN3000 is designed to seamlessly support the introduction of new technologies and architectures, enabling operators to evolve their infrastructures in lock-step with market demands and without wholesale equipment replacements.
  • Supports Bandwidth Increases: With support for DOCSIS® 4.0 and ESD, the GigaXtend UN3000 is designed to support future bandwidth increases, enabling operators to extend the life of their outside plants by decades without replacing critical access technology.
  • Reduces Operational Costs: Modular design and support for in-field upgrades enables MSOs to reduce costs associated with maintenance and technology upgrades.
  • Multipurpose: The universal nature of the GigaXtend UN3000 enables support for multiple functions and services, such as PON, WiFi, edge-compute and 5G, in a single node, enabling MSOs to reduce the number of nodes at the edge of their networks.
  • Multivendor: Alignment with industry standards offers the potential for MSOs to apply a best-of-breed approach to the adoption of new technologies and architectures for the edge of their networks.

GAP Working Group:
Closing the GAP to HFC Network Densification



GigaXtend UN3000 Features

  • Supports 3GHz passband
  • All internal modules removable without removing hardline coax connectors
  • Passes power through all ports with modules removed for centralized power topologies
  • Innovative seizure mechanism and 5MHz-to-3GHz power choke
  • Individual RF modules per port or 2/4 port RF tray
  • Supports DPD and FDX modules
  • 200W power dissipation
  • Supports high-power devices, CBRS radio, edge-compute, PON OLT, multiple RPD/RMDs
  • Power supply efficiency of 90%

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