Chromadigm CIR Integrated RFoG TX

The Chromadigm integrated transmitter (CIR) is a 1RU transmitter for RFoG and other applications where only a single wavelength is required. It incorporates the advanced features available in ATX’s revolutionary full band multi-wavelength transmitter (CHS series) such as chirp cancelling and clipping mitigation for superior performance. The CIR is a 1 GHz single ITU wavelength transmitter capable of high SBS suppression. An integrated EDFA provides the option of 2, 4 or 8 outputs at +18 dBm each. Each output can be configured to include 1610nm reflect ports for the upstream RFoG return and express ports for all PON wavelengths to eliminate external space requirements and multiple optical connections for increasing network reliability. The chassis is equipped to support 2 modular power supply modules working in a load share configuration with the option of a universal AC or -48 VDC powering for high network reliability.


  • Compact 19″ 1RU transmitter with integrated EDFA for multiple 18 dBm outputs is ideal for centralized RFoG deployments
  • Integrated filters for 1610nm RFoG return and all PON wavelengths to eliminate external WDM and multiple connections
  • Chromadigm high performance patented technology advantage:
    • Chirp cancelation for distance independent performance
    • Clipping mitigation circuitry for error-free QAM performance
    • High Optical Modulation Index (OMI) for superior MER performance with lower RFoG optical receive levels
  • + 20 dBm SBS threshold over 20 km


  • Error-free QAM transport with very high OMI
  • Superior CNR, CSO and CTB
  • Integrated EDFA
  • Up to 8 output ports at 18 dBm each
  • 1610nm RFoG return reflect ports
  • Express ports for EPON, 10G EPON, GPON, and xGPON
  • Redundant load-sharing – AC or DC power supplies
  • Space-efficient 1RU chassis