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Mini-Indoor Optical Node

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  • Integrated high linearity optical receiver and transmitter for two-way operation
  • Compact, 5” x 4” x 1.3” precision aluminum die-cast case guarantees excellent mechanical integrity, ease of installation and shielding effectiveness
  • Bi-directional operation with forward bandwidth from 54~1000MHz (analog and digital) and reverse bandwidth from 5~42MHz
  • Wide optical input range (-6dBm to 3dBm) provides excellent operation at low optical input levels
  • Full 25dBmV typical RF output for superior C/N performance
  • Return loss guarantees excellent impedance match across the frequency band with minimal reflection and cross coupling between ports
  • Optical power monitoring for optimal optical input and output power range indication
  • Calibrated 1V/mW optical input test point for signal monitoring
  • 12Vdc line powered with a wall mounted 120/240Vac wall adaptor included


Forward Receiver
Symbol Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit
λ -OpticalWavelength -1290 -1600 -nm
-VOpt. In -Monitor Voltage λ=1310 -1 -V/mW
Pin Optical Input Power Continuous -6 1 3 dBm
Optical Return Loss 45 dB
f Frequency Range 54 1000 MHz
FL Freq. Response Flatness f=53~1000MHz ±0.5 dB
S22 Output Return Loss f=53~1000MHz 15 16 dB
Output Level 25 dBmV
CTB Composite Triple Beat 99chs flat, -61 dB
CSO Composite Second Ordering fm=859.25MHz -60dB
Return Transmitter
Symbol Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit
l Optical Wavelength 1310 nm
WOut Optical Output Power Continuous 0.5 1 3 dBm
VOpt.In. Monitor Voltage l=1310 1 V/mW
Vrin. RF Input Level 15 dBmV
f Frequency Range(option) 5 42 MHz
FL Freq. Response Flatness f=5~42MHz ±0.5 dB
S11 Input Return Loss f=5~42MHz 15 16 dB
Optical Output Return Loss 45 dB
Symbol Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit
VIn 11.5 15.5 VAC
Itot Total Current Consumption V+=12V 350 mA

PMN-1 Data Sheet

This data sheet contains branding from Pico Digital, a recent ATX subsidiary.

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