RRX, Analog Return RX

ATX offers a high density, quad analog receiver for the TranScend platform in a single-slot module enabling 16 receivers to be deployed in 1RU. TranScend quad analog receivers are available in a straightforward 5-204 MHz standard sensitivity receiver, and in a 5-85 MHz high sensitivity receiver. Additionally, for DWDM return networks, the TranScend quad return receiver is available with an internal demultiplexer eliminating 3 optical jumpers.


  • Very low noise
  • 4 compact modules in a single 1RU TranScend chassis (enables 16 return paths). If 3 chassis are mounted on top of each other, 48 return paths can be accommodated in a 3RU space
  • Standard, high sensitivity and integrated DMux configurations
  • Hardened version available (-20 to +75 degrees C)
  • Optional express port
  • SNMP remote monitoring
  • High performance receivers for return path applications
  • Each compact module has 4 completely independent optical receivers
  • High sensitivity (RFoG) units are available with optional built-in express ports that can be used to feed and extract GPON wavelengths
  • Standard sensitivity units have optional integrated Mux
  • These quad receivers have been deployed for numerous applications to receive return traffic at the headend including node segmentation, distribution networks, RFoG applications, FTTx networks, and long haul super-trunking