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1-Port Directional Coupler

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  • Digital-Ready Broadband 5~1000MHz frequency range
  • TSC-SB series feature a solder-sealed back cover-plate to provide maximum EMI-RFI shielding >-130dB! eliminating signal ingress and guarantee distortion free pictures
  • High tap-to-output isolation provides spurious carrier protection and minimizes undesired channel interaction, reducing picture distortion
  • High-performance printed board circuitry provides low intermodulation distortion to ensure excellent digital performance
  • Capacitor coupling circuitry at all ports provide effective DC voltage blocking for improved hum modulation and intermodulation
  • 1-inch centered 1/2″ long precision machined F-connector threads ensure improved port-to-connector interface and accommodate external security devices

Ordering Information

Ordering Information
TSC-(values)SB 1-Port Directional Coupler (Values: 6, 9, 12, 16, 20, 24, 27, 30dB)

TSC-SB Data Sheet

This data sheet contains branding from Pico Digital, a recent ATX subsidiary.

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