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4-Port Splitter 1GHz Soldered Back

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  • Digital-ready broadband 5~1000MHz frequency range
  • Solder-back cover-plate provides maximum EMI-RFI shielding >-130dB! eliminating signal ingress to guarantee distortion-free pictures
  • High-performance printed board circuitry provides low intermodulation distortion >-100dB to ensure excellent digital performance
  • High isolation >-40dB at 5~45MHz sub-bands provides for high level upstream signals
  • TSB-G series features capacitor coupling circuitry at all ports for effective DC voltage blocking. TSB-GDC series provide DC power passage to one port while blocking DC power to all other ports, providing for remote powering applications and powering the antenna preamplifier directly from the headend
  • 1-inch centered 1/2″ long precision machined F-connector threads ensure improved port-to-connector interface and accommodate external security devices
  • High retention seizing pins provide improved connectivity to connector center lead

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MHz TSB-21G / GDC Insertion Loss (max.dB) TSB-31G / GDC Insertion Loss (max.dB) TSB-41G / GDC Insertion Loss (max.dB) Isolation(min.dB) Input/Output Return Loss
5-42 3.4 3.4/7.2 7.2 30 20 >-130dB
42-860 3.9 4.0/7.5 7.8 28 22 >-130dB
860-1000 4.0 4.0/7.8 7.8 28 20 >-130dB

Ordering Information

Ordering Information
TSB-41G 4-Port Splitter 1GHz Soldered Back

TSB-41G Data Sheet

This data sheet contains branding from Pico Digital, a recent ATX subsidiary.

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