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30dB Adjustable VHF-Band Distribution Amplifier

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  • Cost-effective VHF amplifier
  • 13 Off-air channel range (54~216MHz) suitable for small to large MATV-SMATV systems
  • Very low-noise and distortion
  • 15dB Range independently adjustable VHF High-Low Band-gain controls for optimal carrier to noise ratio and balancing
  • Dual −20dB FM trap switches (88~96MHz 95~108MHz) effectively filter high level local FM radio stations reducing harmonic distortion
  • Heavy gauge rugged Shielded wall-mount case
  • Convenient and compact design allows quick and easy installation
  • Front Panel LED
  • Power indicator and fuse holdert

Specifications | Ordering Information


Total # of Channels
Input Level (dBmV)
Output Level (dBmV)
17 dBmV
47 dBmV
14 dBmV
44 dBmV
11 dBmV
41 dBmV
8 dBmV
38 dBmV

Bandwidth 54~216MHz
Gain 30~35dB
Maximum Output (12 channels) 41dBmV
Flatness 0.5dB
Noise Figure 5dB
Power Input 117V
Power Frequency 60Hz
Power Required 5.5 Watt
Weight 2.1 lbs

Ordering Information

Ordering Information
MCM-30 30dB Adjustable VHF-Band Distribution Amplifier

MCM-30 Data Sheet

This data sheet contains branding from Pico Digital, a recent ATX subsidiary.

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