Mauricio Perez

The greatest attributes of any professional services organization are the people behind it. ATX is proud to employ some of the most dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable service professionals in the industry. You could even say that at ATX we take support and pro services personally. It’s in that spirit that we offer you a snapshot, both professional and personal, of some of the dedicated people who are instrumental in putting the “pro” in our professional services organization.


Name Mauricio Perez
Place of Birth San Diego, California USA
Title Support Engineer
Joined ATX May 2016
Certifications Verimatrix certified engineer
Specialty Media Gateways
Favorite Movie Coco. It seems like I watch it at least once a day with my daughter!
Favorite Food Thai
Favorite Comedian Gabriel Iglesius (aka Fluffy)

The Interview

How did you get your start in the technology industry?

I came from a home where there was very little tech around, yet computers and technology always fascinated me. This led to a lifelong passion in technology. After majoring in film production at Point Loma Nazarene University, I got a job as a video editor for San Diego’s local FOX affiliate and spent eight great years there doing everything from videography and production to live trucks, distribution, and of course editing video for the morning news show. This made me a natural fit for ATX, where my work as a pro service engineer draws from my experiences in media creation, distribution and networking.

What qualities or experiences do you bring to your role as a pro services professional?

My ability to stay calm and keep a level head has served me well. If there’s one word that describes working in television and film, it is stressful. Directing and producing various film projects since 2002 has required me to manage a lot of people over the course of 12-hour days to quickly and efficiently get the project completed on time and under budget. Working in live TV is also a high-stress environment as you often only have minutes to prepare footage for live broadcast. I excelled because I was able to stay calm and not show any stress under these circumstances.

Tech support demands the same calm demeanor when working with customers who can be understandably frustrated and stressed at the beginning of a call, and who require a quick and successful resolution.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

ATX has a really great management team that respects their employees. This can be a tough business, and I feel very grateful to have realistic and fair-minded managers who genuinely care about our team. They’re solid people.

Can you describe a recent scenario in which ATX Professional Services has helped a customer advance its business?

At one point, one of my customers had attempted to make some network changes himself while I was away, and he accidentally brought down his entire network. I was able to get him up and running within a half hour and also educated him on what went wrong and created a vast database so that he could visualize all network elements and better handle changes in the future. This customer, who gave me the nickname “Guru,” has been happier than at any other point in ATX history.

When you’re not solving problems, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Being a father to my three-year-old daughter has become my primary hobby, but I also like to play the guitar and drums, sing (a little) and still enjoy making short films and movies.

What is your favorite getaway or recent vacation?

It’s hard to choose. We recently took a trip to Alaska to see the glaciers and hike. We also saw a great Lumberjack show and visited Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It was an amazing trip.