Tony Renfro

The greatest attributes of any professional services organization are the people behind it. ATX is proud to employ some of the most dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable service professionals in the industry. You could even say that at ATX we take support and pro services personally. It’s in that spirit that we offer you a snapshot, both professional and personal, of some of the dedicated people who are instrumental in putting the “pro” in our professional services organization.


Name Tony Renfro
Place of Birth Athens, Tennessee USA
Title Optical Support Engineer
Joined ATX June 2018
Certifications Certificate ICND-1 Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices, Certificate CCNA1, Certificate CCNA1 Networking for Home and Small Business. Certified fiber-to-the-home professional, 36 years CATV experience
Specialty Optical equipment, CATV Operations & Engineering
Favorite Movie True Grit
Favorite Food Chicken Parmesan
Favorite Comedian Robin Williams

The Interview

How did you get your start in the technology industry?

Early in my teenage years, I was fascinated by car audio systems and electricity in general. I turned this interest into a hobby. Strangely enough I studied Architecture in High School, but my interests always turned back to electronics. Later, this hobby turned into a career when I completed Basic Electricity & Electronics and then Electricians Mate “A” School in the Navy. Soon after my Navy days were over I started working for a small cable TV system in my home town of Cleveland, Tennesse—first as an installer and then moved up through the engineering field to where I am now.

What qualities or experiences do you bring to your role as a pro services professional?

I’ve witnessed incredible growth across the technological spectrum. In the early eighties, we operated with 220MHz bandwidth. Today, the industry operates at 1GHz and beyond. I have been fortunate to work on all aspects of CATV from engineering to business operations and I completely understand the value of good customer service from the MSO perspective. It is my sincere obligation to offer these services to our customers.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

My Dad always taught me how important it is to treat others with respect and I’ve tried to do just that my whole career. Respecting others is my core philosophy, which has allowed me to develop many friends in my 36 years in this industry. It is truly my blessing and reward.

Can you describe a recent scenario in which ATX Professional Services has helped a customer advance its business?

I was part of an engineering team that helped develop one of first mass deployments of a fiber-to-the-home system for a major MSO. Working alongside a great engineering and design team was outstanding as was being a part of deploying a new advanced technology for the company. It was a great reward.

When you’re not solving problems, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I spend the vast majority of my free time with my family—my wife Sharon and two (now grown) daughters Krystan and Meagan. I love working in the CATV industry and have been blessed to work with many great people. Outside of family and work, I enjoy riding my Harley!

What is your favorite getaway or recent vacation?

Fulfilling a promise and taking my wife to the Caribbean Islands was my favorite vacation. I’m looking forward to going back next year.