XDS-PRO Radio Receiver Rebate Program

XDS-PRO Radio Receiver Rebate Program

Get Back $100
Offer Expires 12.1.2021

What’s the number one reason ATX XDS-PRO receivers are the top choice of the world’s leading radio networks, with more than 35,000 deployed? That’s an easy one. Nothing else compares when it comes to managing, distributing, scheduling and monitoring audio content and data.

But just in case you need additional incentive to revitalize your radio network with the world’s top receiver, how about some cold, hard cash? Replace your outdated receiver —from any manufacturer—with an XDS-PRO1S or XDS-PRO4S and ATX will send you $100.

ATX’s Receiver Rebate Program is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Purchase one or more receivers from a licensed ATX distributor between June 1, 2021 and December 1, 2021
  2. Contact our RMA department with the serial number of the old receiver and proof of purchase of the new one
  3. Get us your old receiver no later than December 15th and we’ll send your company a check for $100 USD

No strings, no fine print. The rebate applies to purchases of XDS-PRO S Series receivers and the replacement of any outdated audio satellite receiver (IRD, not STB), including Q Series and older receivers from ATX*. Whether you’ve upgraded your entire network or purchased just a single receiver, get us your old receiver by December 15th and we’ll put some money in your pocket.

Contact [email protected] for an RMA or more information.

*ATX no longer supports Q Series or earlier XDS-PRO receivers.