GigaXtend RWT 1.2GHz Taps

ATX GigaXtend RWT 1.2GHz reverse window taps are designed for the DOCSIS® 3.1 evolution of hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) networks. They offer all the benefits of ATX’s standard SGT taps and allow increased efficiency in system design by reducing reverse-path tap losses and tilted forward path tap losses.

Reverse window taps provide benefits in the HFC plant at tap locations with high-level forward RF signals and significant up-tilt (typically the tap locations closest to nodes and amplifiers). The 1.2GHz reverse window taps are offered in several forward and reverse tap values.


  • Six forward path cable slope values and two reverse path values available in various combinations
  • Available in 2-, and 4-way standard SGT Tap Housings
  • Also available in 2-, 4-, and 8-way full profile housings
  • AC/RF bypass switch that provides interruption-free service to downstream subscribers during faceplate removal
  • 12A through current rating
  • AC blocking capacitors on each port to minimize RF signal distortions
  • Backwards-compatible housing that supports economical faceplate upgrades
  • Increased surge tolerance with rugged design that lets new products continue to operate after surges that would typically damage ordinary products and interrupt service
  • AL360T housing with powder coating for superior environmental protection
  • Sealed and swaged extended F-ports for greatest resistance to moisture ingress
  • Nickel-plated brass F-ports to help ensure a corrosion-resistant drop interface
  • Component covers for additional protection of faceplate circuitry during maintenance
  • Versatile housing design that permits aerial, pedestal, or multiple dwelling unit (MDU) mounting schemes