Bulk Media Distribution: Small & Medium Businesses

People sitting at a sports bar watching TVPayTV providers have historically lacked a bulk video distribution solution designed specifically for the needs of small and medium businesses (SMBs), such as restaurants, bars, fitness centers, doctors’ offices and other commercial venues providing multiple television for patrons. The deficiency has forced PayTV providers to address this market sector with solutions designed for larger businesses or for residential markets.

In addition to operational inefficiencies, deploying equipment designed for more complex environments or for residential customers in small- and medium-business settings introduces several end-user experience issues. For starters, an unmanaged solution requires businesses to stock and manage multiple remote controls to activate and change channels on each television. In addition, most solutions targeted at restaurants, bars and other multi-television environments are plagued by synchronization issues, where the same content on adjacent televisions may be out of sync by as much as several seconds.

ATX is increasing the competitiveness of PayTV providers in the SMB sector with a fully managed and cost-optimized solution that addresses the deficiencies of existing solutions by eliminating synchronization issues and empowering staff to manage all televisions from a single device. ATX’s Visium MVP is an end-to-end video solution designed to simplify and enhance the display and management of content in businesses with multiple televisions, including restaurants, bars and fitness centers.

The Visium MVP solution is anchored by the Visium MD Mini media gateway, which combines with the Visium MVP command-and-control app and the Visium Set-Back Box (SBB) security adaptor to provide video service providers and systems integrators with a powerful-but-affordable solution that simplifies the distribution and control of content in multi-television SMB environments.

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Visium Mobile App
Visium Mobile App

Innovate End-User Experience

A centralized and easy-to-use command and control app enables staff to manage content across dozens of televisions from a single connected device, such as a tablet.

Bar scene with multiples TVs showing the same game and people cheering

Eliminate Synchronization Issues

Unlike solutions that deliver content directly to set-top boxes, Visium MVP ensures all televisions streaming the same content, such as a sporting event, are always in sync.

Conserve Downstream Bandwidth
Signals going from cloud to Visium MD with only a single instance of actively watched streams ingested

Conserve Downstream Bandwidth

The Visium MVP solution enables MSOs to deliver only the channels currently being displayed on TVs, significantly improving the utilization of downstream bandwidth.

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