Audio Distribution & Management

Tech using ATX audio softwareBoth large and small radio networks are under growing pressure to reduce costs and improve the efficiency and capabilities of their content distribution and network control infrastructures, as well as improve the efficiency of the monetization operations.

Preventing radio networks and individual stations from realizing these goals is a shortage of fully integrated and comprehensive solutions that streamline all aspects of content distribution and bring greater efficiency to the targeted placement of commercial spots, local programs, and other monetization concerns. As an alternative, radio networks must cobble together multicomponent and multivendor solutions that only loosely integrate automation and sales and traffic systems, as well as ad insertion operations. Also lacking is a cloud-based management and control system that enables engineers and others to take control of their end-to-end operations from any Internet-connected device and from anywhere in the world.

ATX is the worldwide leader in the radio broadcast gateway market. The company’s field-proven XDS radio distribution platform helps small and large radio networks deliver, schedule, and playout live and pre-recorded audio, via satellite or the Internet, to radio stations throughout the world, for AM/FM and or streaming broadcast. The fully integrated XDS platform seamlessly manages localized ads, weather, news, and any other content over live and pre-recorded programming. It is the most innovative, advanced, and cost-effective radio and audio broadcasting platform in the world.

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Everything you need to know to build the ultimate audio distribution and content management system for your radio network

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Why Radio’s Future Requires a New Approach to Audio Distribution & Content Management

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Read more about the XDS Radio Platform, the most innovative, advanced, cost-effective radio & audio broadcasting platform.

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XDS Audio Distribution Platform Capabilities

  • Distribution of live and pre-recorded content
  • Spot insertion, program replacement
  • Time zone delay/delayed playback
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Pre-recorded channels and virtual channels
  • Complete integration with sales, traffic, and automation systems
  • Off-air play monitoring and verification
  • Web-based control and management
  • Open APIs that enable easy integration with third-party systems
  • Accountability (at receiver and broadcast levels)

The XDS Platform is the best choice if you:

  • Need distribution of live and prerecorded content
  • Need automated management and scheduling of live and prerecorded content
  • Need ability to insert localized content
  • Need to be able to monitor and verify playout for affiliate affidavits

Content Management, Distribution, Scheduling and Monitoring for Radio Networks

XDS Headend Components


Xpress System

  • Four stereo inputs
  • MPEG1 layer II
  • AAC-LC, AAC-HEv1, AAC-HEv2 optional
  • Multiple rate encoding per source
  • RDS data via RS-232
  • Relay Closure commands via UDP and RS-232
  • Four synchronous MPEG inputs
  • DSP based encoding
  • Solid state, Made in USA

DVB-Multiplexer Features

  • Generates DVB/MPEG transport
  • One ASI input
  • Two ASI outputs
  • Can generate TDT and PCRs 10/100BaseT Ethernet port
  • Alarm port and M&C via RS-232
  • Can filter PIDs for multiple carriers
  • Can generate streams from store playlists and content
  • DHCP, NFS, HTTP, Telnet

Scalable VME Chassis

  • Redundant power supplies
  • Can handle from 4 up to 80 channels in one chassis
  • Can be daisy chained for more channels

XDS Headend


XDS Content Management


Receiver & Network Configuration Management

  • Through the satellite or the internet
  • Receiver health tracking and monitoring

Advanced Scheduler

  • Schedule network or localized programs for a specific site
  • Schedule time-shifting events
  • Schedule live or recorded program objects over live and recorded programs

Store & Forward & File Delivery

  • Through the satellite or the internet
  • Content can be delivered to local storage or a network share
  • Delivery tracking and confirmation

Copy Split for Regional Commercial Insertion

  • Insert regionalized content on each position of every commercial break
  • Insert different regionalized content on time-shifted programs
  • Insertion tracking and confirmation

XDS Software Components


XDS Features

  • Web-based central control
  • Distribute live or stored content
  • Schedule each receiver for regionalized content with regionalized commercials
  • Provide as played spot insertion logs

Web Interface

  • Five different web interfaces:
    1. Administrators portal
    2. Affiliates portal
    3. Web services (traffic, automation, monitoring, reconciliation, digital rights management)
    4. Streaming service
    5. Receivers portal
  • Can be placed in DMZ or cloud environment


  • Heart of the system is a MS-SQL database
  • Content folders for distribution


  • Windows services
  • Create and manage in-band control channel
  • Distribute content
  • Maintain, monitor and keep the system redundant