The ATX GigaXtend HFC amplifier portfolio is a family of 1.2GHz and 1.8GHz Line Extenders (LE), System Amplifiers (SA), Booster amps, accessories and band-split upgrade kits that offer MSOs both an upgrade path for their current installed base of amplifiers and the opportunity to invigorate their outside plants with technology built to accommodate future spectrum increases and bandwidth demands.

The only authorized successor to the venerable GainMaker® family of HFC amplifiers, ATX GigaXtend GMC 1.2GHz and 1.8GHz amps build upon a reliable and well-trusted technology foundation to provide cable operators with a cost-efficient and friction-free path to delivering multigigabit symmetrical services that will meet consumer demand and fend off competitors for decades to come.

1.2GHz or 1.8GHz?

MSOs looking to upgrade the upstream capacity of their networks will likely need to purchase new HFC amplifiers. Read this blog to understand why it makes sense to choose 1.8GHz amps over 1.2GHz, even if you currently have no plans to move to DOCSIS 4.0.

Road splitting with 1.2 and 1.8GHz signs pointing to the two paths


GigaXtend GMC Series 1.8GHz Amplifiers

The ATX GigaXtend™ GMC Series of 1.8GHz HFC amplifiers is designed to assist cable operators in evolving their outside plants to meet subscriber demand, while fully leveraging previous outside plant investments. GigaXtend GMC 1.8GHz amplifiers’ modular design allows MSOs to…
GigaXtend GMC Series 1.2GHz Amplifiers

GigaXtend GMC Series 1.2GHz Amplifiers

ATX GigaXtend™ GMC Series 1.2GHz amplifiers are the only authorized replacement actives for the installed base of GainMaker® amplifiers. Based on design documents and other intellectual property acquired from Cisco in 2020, GigaXtend 1.2GHz Line Extenders and System Amplifiers provide…
GigaXtend Orchestrator

GigaXtend Orchestrator

The GigaXtend™ Orchestrator is a highly intuitive software application that provides technicians with the ability to manage and communicate with GigaXtend 1.8GHz amplifiers and nodes. The app can be run from an iOS or Android device linked to the amplifier…

GigaXtend GMC Amplifier Accessories

The ATX GigaXtend™ GMC Series amplifier accessories are plug-in devices common to all Cisco or ATX GainMaker System Amplifiers and Line Extenders. They are typically field-installed in accordance with system design.

GigaXtend RF Amplifier Mains Power Pack Kit

The GigaXtend RF Amplifier Mains Power Pack Kit is a field-installable kit that equips a line-powered GigaXtend RF amplifier to operate using local utility power (100 - 200 VAC). It is intended for indoor applications, such as hotels and multi-dwelling…