Media Distribution

Residential Pay-TV services of satellite and cable operators are under tremendous pressure from a growing array of competitive forces, including Over-the-Top (OTT) streaming video service providers. Steady growth in the number of cord cutters and cord nevers are prompting Pay-TV providers in all regions to look for alternative sources of subscriber growth in commercial markets, including Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs), hotels, hospitals and other hospitality environments. Similarly, radio network operators are seeking to offset the costs associated with listeners’ evolving consumption habits.

But blocking video and audio providers’ efforts to keep down costs and fend of completion is the lack of cost-effective and highly integrated media distribution solutions. Satellite and cable operators currently must cobble together multi-component solutions that consume racks of space, eat up tremendous amounts of power, and often require around-the-clock maintenance. Radio network owners are plagued by outdated distribution and management solutions incapable of the agility needed to adapt to new business models and emerging technologies.

Solving this issue requires a next-generation enterprise video solution that consolidates functionality into a much smaller and energy-efficient footprint, while delivering a subscriber experience that matches or even exceeds what guests would expect from residential services. In addition, satellite and cable operators require media distribution equipment that eliminates content pirating through iron clad security and enables the easy insertion of additional video sources in any-to-any environments. Relief for radio operators resides in a next-generation audio distribution and content management platform that centralizes and automates all distribution processes and seamlessly integrates with third-party business systems.

ATX is at the forefront of the enterprise video and radio broadcast industries, delivering single-box solutions that consolidate functionality, increase reliability and reduce power consumption by several factors. ATX’s bulk media distribution solutions empower Pay-TV providers to grow subscriptions and revenue by enabling today’s MDU operators to deliver an unprecedented entertainment experience at a fraction of the complexity and cost of traditional systems and competing solutions. And the futureproof nature of ATX’s media distribution platform means meeting tomorrow’s requirements with no operational disruptions — and without a forklift. The company’s market-leading XDS audio distribution and management platform forms the foundation of the distribution operations of the largest and most influential radio networks in the world. ATX’s innovative channel insertion solutions are also ideal for inserting lobby and security camera video directly into channel lineups for MDUs, inserting barker or information channels into hotels, and inserting various local video feeds into commercial properties.