RF Management

ATX offers several high performance, modular and integrated, RF and L-Band signal management platforms. Operators can easily split/combine RF services in a cost-effective and space-efficient manner. The MAXNET II and SignalOn platforms are CCAP™ compliant and support DOCSIS® 3.1 services up to 1.2 GHz, and also deliver up to 4K QAM signals without impairment due to RF management. ATX also offers the most comprehensive line of RF amplifiers and related products on the market.

MAXNET II RF Management

ATX’s MAXNET II Platinum Series platform provides an ultra-dense, fully integrated RF signal management solution. By utilizing the properties of MCX connectors and mini coaxial cable, MAXNET II offers the benefits of our original MAXNET line and more – in…

SignalOn RF & L-Band Management

The SignalOn Series platform offers F connector, modular RF management solutions with specifications that exceed cable industry requirements for insertion loss, port-to-port isolation, frequency response, and noise figure. At ATX, we work with you to provide a solution from our…

MAXNET RF Management

ATX’s MAXNET original platform provides a high density, fully integrated RF signal management solution. At ATX, we work with you to provide a solution from our products shown here, or customize one to meet your specific needs. [smartslider3 slider=93]

RF Filters

ATX has more than 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing industry-leading RF filters. ATX is able to offer high RF performance, competitive pricing, quick turnaround, and the ability to customize a solution to meet your unique requirements. PCI FILTERS®…

Non-Modular RF Passive Systems

ATX’s SCN integrated RF signal management platform provides ease of design and installation in the headend. Custom configurations are built to suit the needs of ATX customers. [smartslider3 slider=93]

Non-Modular RF

ATX’s amplifier products have set the bar in the cable industry for over 30 years when it comes to signal amplification. ATX offers the most comprehensive line of RF amplifiers available on the market. [smartslider3 slider=93]


Multiswitches and power conditioners, power inserters, inline amplifiers and signal amplifiers comprise ATX’s market-leading selection of Satellite/L-Band equipment and accessories. [smartslider3 slider=93]