Product Alerts

Please review this page for any alerts pertaining to products you may have purchased. Be sure to read the corresponding pdfs for specific details.

Products that are end-of-life and still under limited support can be found on our discontinued products page. Browse our user documentation tool for older discontinued product information.

Product Advisory: DLX/OCML Communication Modules Software Version 3.3

Product Advisory: MPF-C, MPF-CQ – Non-blind F Compression Connector

Manufacture Discontinue (MD) Video – Modulators

End-of-Support (EOS) Analog Optics

Manufacture Discontinue (MD) DMDPCO and Others

Manufacture Discontinue (MD) GigaWave DLX40 (OCML) Generation 1

Manufacture Discontinue (MD) (HFC)

End-of-Support (EoS) Chromadigm CDM Transmitter

Manufacture Discontinue (MD) and End-of-Sale (EoS) (Optical Passives)

Manufacture Discontinue (MD) (HFS Satellite Splitter)

Manufacture Discontinue (MD) (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial)

Manufacture Discontinue (MD) and End-of-Sale (EoS) (Analog Optical)

End-of-Service Notification (EoS) (XDS-ProQ)

End-of-Service Notification (EoS) (XDS-NMSv5)

Manufacture Discontinue (MD) (BNC Modules and Other)

Product Advisory: SignalOn Attenuator Pads & Terminators

Manufacture Discontinue (MD) Product Lifecycle Notification (DVIS Optical Transmitter Module)

Manufacture Discontinue & End-of-Life Notification (ADAC MD)

End-of-Life Notification (Q-Series and Other)

Product Line Reduction Notification (VersAtivePro Product Line)

End-of-Sale & End-of-Life Notification (UCrypt IP to Analog, 1st Generation)

End-of-Sale & End-of-Life Notification (DigiVu II Product Line)