RF Taps and Passives

ATX offers the latest innovations in passives for HFC networks, including taps, couplers, splitters and power inserters. The 2GHz XS Series enables MSOs to support DOCSIS® 4.0 architectures, while the 1.2GHz SG Series will maintain a 1.2GHz plant and offers compatibility with Cisco’s popular Surge-Gap portfolio of hardline taps and passives. A bonus feature with the ATX 2GHz taps and passives is the upgradeable faceplate, futureproofing these HFC devices for 3GHz and beyond.

Save Money and get a Head Start on your DOCSIS 4.0 Upgrade

Read this cost-analysis study from ATX to understand why it makes sense to start installing 1.8GHz-compatible taps and passives today.


2GHz Taps & Passives

GigaXtend XS Series 2GHz Taps & Passives

The GigaXtend XS Series of 2GHz Taps and Passives may be the last hardline passives you need to install in your network for the next couple of decades. These low-loss, high-bandwidth outside plant elements —faceplate upgradeable to 3GHz or higher…
GigaXtend 1.2GHz Taps & Passives

GigaXtend SG Series 1.2GHz Taps & Passives

ATX’s GigaXtend SG Series of 1.2GHz Taps and Passives are critical components for MSOs delivering the full bandwidth potential of DOCSIS 3.1. This comprehensive family of hardline taps and passives are based on a trusted and well-regarded technology foundation, enabling…