Chassis & Power Supplies


Depending on your needs, ATX offers MAXNET standard active and active powered chassis (5RU) along with passive chassis (1RU, 3RU, 5RU). Choose from an assortment of cable management selections including trays, ears, and bars. Hot-swappable power supplies are available in both AC and -48V powering versions.


  • Fully integrated, high density, modular-based platform to fit any architecture
  • 5RU chassis with 18 vertical slots, 3RU chassis with 10 horizontal slots and 1RU chassis with 2 horizontal slots
  • Active version of chassis only available in 5RU and can house a mix of active and/or passive modules
  • Reverse mount 5RU option available
  • Remote powered active chassis accepts 2 independent 24 VDC power sources; fused and diode isolated inputs
  • Cable management options available
  • All active modules and power supplies are hot-swappable
  • Power supplies work redundantly when more than one are installed in any chassis
  • Power supply modules offered with 120, 220 VAC or -48 VDC input
  • Remote powering unit available to facilitate daisy chain powering or chassis powering from independent power supply sources