GigaXtend 204MHz Digital Return Receiver Module (Prisma XD Compatible)

A critical component of the ATX 204MHz Digital Return System, the GigaXtend™ 204MHz Digital Return Receiver Module resides in a headend-located Cisco® Prisma XD chassis. The transmitter and receiver use standard 10Gbps Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP+) transceivers for enhanced flexibility.

The receiver module performs the conversion back to the baseband data stream. The resulting data streams are converted back to analog reverse path signals for routing to termination equipment. The GigaXtend 204MHz Digital Return Receiver Module is available in a high-density form factor and occupies one slot in a Cisco Prisma XD chassis. Up to 16 receiver modules can operate in the Prisma XD chassis.


  • High-performance digital reverse technology
  • Standard 10-Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP+) transceivers provide flexible inventory management
  • Long-reach transmission capabilities that eliminate the need for optical amplifiers, reducing cost and space requirements
  • Capability to send 80 individual 5-204MHz reverse signals over a single fiber
  • Support for independent balancing of reverse traffic at receiver RF ports
  • Simplified setup that reduces installation time and expertise requirements
  • Distance- and temperature-independent link performance that simplifies engineering and maintenance requirements
  • Space-saving, high-density deployment in Prisma XD chassis to increase deployment cost- efficiency
  • Optional monitoring of node and transmitter parameters available at the receiver
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