We Are ATX

ATX Networks, a market-leading provider of broadband access and media distribution solutions, is accelerating digital transformation through agile innovation. With more than 8 million products deployed in 75 countries, ATX is assisting communications service providers in futureproofing and evolving their networks in lockstep with market demand.

The company’s access networking and media distribution solutions deliver 2,500 terabytes of content every second of every day for the world’s most innovative cable, satellite, fixed telecom, wireless and broadcast service providers. An innovation leader in the broadband access market for 35 years, ATX improves people’s lives by enabling affordable and reliable broadband connectivity and media content for everyone, everywhere.

ATX is assisting service providers daily in the adoption and support of next-generation technologies, including DOCSIS® 3.1, DOCSIS® 4.0, Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) and outside plant actives and passives that support frequencies of 1.8GHz and higher. ATX has development and support facilities in Ontario, California, Georgia, and Texas.

ATX is an ISO registered company – 9001:2015.

35 Years of Innovation

Since the company’s founding in 1985, ATX has consistently expanded its portfolio through continuous innovation and strategic acquisitions to deliver industry leadership in RF management, multimedia distribution, optical transport and next-generation outside plant actives and passives.

ATX 1995 Founded, SCN 1998 RF Managment, MAXNET 2000 Second Gen RFM, QRF 2001 RFM Managment, DVIS 2008 Video Processing, ADC 2009 RF Managment, arcos 2012 Didgital Video Porfolio, ceton 2014 Video Delivery, Pico Digital 2016 Media Distribution, InnoTrans 2016 Optical Transport, GigaXtend 2019 2GHz Taps, Cisco 2020 1.2Ghz Amplifiers and 1.2GHz Taps, GigaXtend 2022 1.8Ghz Amplifiers and HFC Node

Global Operations

Customers rely on our solutions to support mission-critical operations around the world.

ATX Global Operations


  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • San Diego, CA, USA
  • Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Toronto, ON, Canada

ATX has worldwide sales offices supporting all regions