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The audio broadcasting industry has evolved significantly in the past several years to accommodate changing consumption habits and support the adoption of new business models. Through all of the changes and competitive challenges from alternative entertainment sources, radio remains a remarkably resilient medium, retaining much of its listenership over the past decades. Like all segments of the entertainment industry, though, radio networks are struggling to remain profitable in the face of increasing consumer demands and escalating content costs. One cost-saving proposition in which more and more radio networks are investigating is the adoption of a next-generation audio content management, distribution and monitoring solution that enables operators to increase the performance of their distribution processes while eliminating costs. This is accomplished largely through automation and the adoption of a centrally-managed system that includes the ability to localize commercials and content while allowing the entire network to be configured, managed, scheduled and monitored from a single point of control.

ATX solves all of these challenges through its cloud-friendly, IP-ready content management and distribution system that enables radio networks to thrive in today’s content-everywhere media environment. The XDS Platform from ATX gives them the ability to manage, schedule and play out content through its entire lifecycle, including reconciliation data, and to target programming to listeners with laser precision. ATX Networks delivers a next-generation platform designed to empower radio networks with a fully integrated, software-defined and automated system that revolutionizes the distribution and monitoring of audio content, giving radio networks the ability to seamlessly adopt new business models and take advantage of the performance and cost-efficiencies of emerging technologies, including high-speed and reliable IP transmission networks.

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XDS Content Management System

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End-to-End Audio Innovation with the XDS Headend System

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Technology at the Top of Everyone's Playlist

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Listen Up! Own the Airwaves

Audio monitoring and recording perfected with ATX's XDS-AMR

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PRSS Launches Next-Gen Audio Distribution Solution

Radio World – With some anticipation, public radio engineers all over the United States have been waiting for the next-generation satellite distribution system. New equipment was last deployed by the Public Radio Satellite System in 2011. The new generation will add important features to improve reliability and flexibility of program distribution, including a backup path via the public internet and new ways to manage individual station schedules via the ContentDepot web portal […]


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