Telecom Market

With the bandwidth-carrying capacity of their copper-based infrastructure nearing its limits, telecommunications companies have invested vast amounts of capital over the past several years to build out FTTH infrastructures. These hyper-fast broadband networks have enabled telecom operators to deliver gigabit-class services to residents and businesses, as well as offer high-resolution Pay-TV services. But maximizing the data-carrying capacity of these networks requires agile digital optics and DWDM solutions that can gracefully grow the capacity of fiber networks and better condition them for backhaul and front-haul applications associated with both WiFi and cellular networks, including 5G. IP-only telecom operators also require commercial bulk media solutions to serve MDUs, hotels and other hospitality businesses with coaxial-based wiring.

ATX offers groundbreaking digital optics platforms that provide telecom operators with an agile and futureproof solution for cost-effectively expanding the capacity of their fiber networks for generations to come. ATX is also positioned to assist wireless telecom operators in the management of future traffic surges resulting from the rollout of ultra-high-speed fixed wireless services and the continued proliferation of low-powered Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors and devices. ATX also provides fixed and wireless telecommunications service providers with the versatility to deliver video services to a broad range of commercial businesses, including MDUs, hotels and other hospitality properties, with coaxial-only wiring.