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Industry’s only portfolio of amplifiers and hardline taps and passives with a roadmap to 3GHz

ATX’s GigaXtend™ family of next-generation outside plant equipment is an end-to-end lineup of actives and passives designed to enable cable operators to extend the longevity of their HFC networks by 30 years or longer. GigaXtend is the industry’s only portfolio of amps and hardline passives designed to enable cable operators to cost-effectively evolve their networks to support higher frequency ranges, starting at 1.8GHz.

The GigaXtend portfolio is the centerpiece of ATX’s 2050 Project, a strategic vision and network evolution game plan designed to enable MSOs to double the lifespan of their HFC networks. The 2050 Project offers cable operators a formula for maintaining their dominance in broadband data delivery while stretching out their inevitable transition to an all-fiber infrastructure.

The 2050 Project
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The GigaXtend portfolio provides the technological foundation and roadmap for DOCSIS® 4.0, Extended Spectrum DOCSIS® (ESD) and other specifications that call for incremental spectrum increases up to 3GHz or higher and bandwidth rates of 25Gbps and faster. It includes the GigaXtend XS Series of 2GHz taps and passives, which is faceplate upgradeable to 3GHz and offer industry-leading bandwidth and insertion loss. ATX recently extended the diversity of its hardline passives portfolio with the introduction of the GigaXtend SG Series of taps and passives, a comprehensive catalog of 1.2GHz outside plant passives that are compatible with the Cisco® Surge-Gap™ portfolio.

The latest addition to ATX’s outside plant portfolio is the GigaXtend GMC Series of HFC amplifiers, a family of 1.2GHz Line Extenders (LEs) and System Amplifiers (SAs) that offer MSOs both an upgrade path for a wide swath of the current installed base and the opportunity to invigorate their outside plants with technology built to accommodate future spectrum increases of 1.8GHz and beyond. The new family of amplifiers, the only authentic GainMaker®-compatible products on the market, is built on Cisco’s trusted and well-regarded technology foundation with a reputation for performance and reliability. (This Light Reading article provides additional details and background.)

ATX’s GigaXtend portfolio is designed to empower MSOs to immediately adopt a long-term outside plant evolution strategy that minimizes regrettable spend and ensures that the investments you make today will see you all the way through to 2050.

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ATX offers MSOs an extensive portfolio of next-generation inside and outside plant equipment that includes R-PHY Video Engines, Digital Optical Transport, Nodes, Amplifiers and Hardline Passives, and conforms to all MSO architectures and specifications, including DAA, DOCSIS® 4.0, Extended Spectrum DOCSIS® (ESD) and the pending GAP specification.



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