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GigaPass Webinar: How to Handle QAM Video in a DAA World

Even after migrating to a distributed architecture, most cable operators will still need to support legacy QAM video – at least until they’ve fully upgraded customer-premises equipment to IP. While early DAA adopters tended to focus on an integrated Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) to handle both DOCSIS® and QAM video traffic, MSOs now have additional options.

This webinar explores one of those alternatives, a distributed and open QAM-to-IP or DEPI Video Engine designed to provide cable operators with a less complex and more cost-efficient approach to handling legacy QAM video in a DAA environment.

The 45-minute webinar, featuring ATX media distribution guru Linas Underys, will cover multiple aspects of legacy QAM video delivery in a distributed architecture, including:

  • An overview of the benefits of moving to DAA and the current state of DAA adoption
  • The factors contributing to a continued need for legacy QAM video support
  • Limitations associated with single-vendor, integrated CCAPs for data and video
  • An exploration of the benefits of a distributed Video Engine over a monolithic CCAP

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