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Access Communications Taps ATX Networks for Critical HFC Outside Plant Upgrade

Co-operative deploys GigaXtend amps to expand service offering through seamless upgrade of GainMaker installed base

TORONTO, July 13 , 2022 – ATX Networks, a global leader in broadband access and media distribution solutions, is supplying its market-leading GigaXtend™ GMC 1.2GHz HFC amplifiers to Access Communications to assist the Saskatchewan-based, community-owned co-operative in expanding the bandwidth capacity of both the upstream and downstream channels of its HFC network, which serves 235 communities and 200,000 square kilometres of rural areas in the Canadian province.

The upgrade enables Access Communications to allocate an additional amount of its spectrum to the upstream, or return channel, through what’s known as a mid-split configuration. This empowers the cable operator to cost-efficiently fulfill its mission to provide its subscribers with exceptional communications and entertainment services and unique opportunities for local expression.

“A not-for-profit co-operative, Access Communications is committed to enriching the broadband experience of our communities,” said Craig Van Ham, Chief Technology Officer at Access Communications. “Partnering with ATX allows us to significantly expand the upstream capacity of our network, meeting the increased vocational and entertainment requirements of our customers, through a near seamless upgrade of our installed base of legacy amplifiers.”

Access Communications’ selection of GigaXtend 1.2GHz amplifiers, the only authorized GainMaker®-compatible products on the market, makes it possible for the cable co-operative to extend the capacity and performance of its HFC network while realizing significant reductions in operational costs and complexity. The GigaXtend GMC products’ backward compatibility with the operator’s installed base eliminates the need to retrain technicians or installers, redesign cabinets containing current amps or conduct extensive testing or verification that’s often required with the introduction of new equipment into the network.

In addition, the upgrade helps to protect Access Communications against future service disruptions by positioning it to seamlessly migrate to 1.8GHz and DOCSIS® 4.0, should future capacity expansion be required.

“Access Communications’ mission to improve the quality of life for the communities it serves and helping its customers through high-performance and affordable broadband is in lockstep with ATX’s own corporate mission,” said ATX’s Chief Sales Officer, Jeff Liening. “We couldn’t be more pleased to offer our customers a friction-free upgrade path that will enable them to meet the needs of their subscribers for decades to come.”

Access Communications began deployment of ATX’s GigaXtend 1.2GHz amps this spring. ATX is working closely with its stocking distribution partner Digicomm International, a leading distributor of broadband products for the cable television industry, to ensure readily available products to meet Access Communications’ deployment schedule.

ATX’s GigaXtend GMC 1.2GHz Line Extenders and System Amplifiers have established new benchmarks for performance and reliability. ATX is currently heading an ecosystem of component suppliers and operators focused on providing a non-disruptive path to expanding the outside plant to frequencies of 1.8GHz, as well as participating at the highest levels of related standards organizations.

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About Access Communications Co-operative

Access Communications Co-operative began serving customers in 1978 and has grown into one of Saskatchewan’s largest telecommunications companies. We deliver exceptional communications and entertainment services to over 235 communities and 200,000 square kilometres of rural areas across our province. As a community-owned, not-for-profit co-operative, our commitment to the community goes beyond providing internet, television, phone, and security services. We dedicate 100% of our earnings to improving the quality of life in the communities and rural areas where we live and do business, primarily through our AccessNow TV community channels, corporate initiatives and fundraising events, and our Children’s Fund charity.