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ATX Introduces Pro:Idiom Adapter with Built-In IPG for Hospitality Video Market

Visium Set-back box (SBB) enables content encryption on all TVs and an improved guest experience

“In addition to security, the Visium SBB enriches commercial video services with an easy-to-navigate IPG.”

SAN DIEGO, OCT. 13, 2020  
ATX Networks, a global leader in broadband access and media distribution solutions, introduced the Visium Set-Back Box (SBB), a low-cost security adapter designed to enable cable operators and other communications service providers to deliver encryption-protected content to hotel guest rooms and other commercial accounts outfitted with non-commercial television sets. In addition to cost-effectively bringing commercial video service providers and hotels into compliance with content security requirements, the Pro:Idiom-compatible adapter includes an Integrated Program Guide (IPG) designed to improve hotel guests’ experiences by significantly simplifying the navigation of lengthy channel line-ups.

“Our customers require a convenient and low-cost security adapter to expand the reach of their commercial video services to hotels with non-commercial-grade TVs in guest rooms,” said Linas Underys, VP of Media Gateways at ATX. “The Visium SBB meets those requirements by enabling legacy TVs to instantly support the Pro:Idiom encryption standard, bringing commercial properties they service into compliance with security requirements mandated by content owners.”

The small size, low cost and deployment simplicity of the Visium SBB make it particularly well-suited for communal venues, such as health care and fitness facilities, that need to be converted from a legacy bulk analog service to a digital service.

In addition to security, the Visium SBB enriches commercial video services with an easy-to-navigate IPG. In recent years, as service providers have expanded commercial channel line-ups to support hundreds of channels, televisions lacking set-top boxes (STBs) or other end devices were unable to provide guests with the ability to easily locate desired programming. The Visium SBB’s integrated IPG provides an easy-to-use interface that improves the overall entertainment experience by enabling guests to quickly locate and select programming through an interactive grid that shares a similar look and feel with most residential services.

The Visium SBB works with both satellite and terrestrial television services. The small form-factor adapter can be easily located on the back of TVs. Visium SBBs are managed via Visium Manager, a cloud-based server that enables service providers to efficiently and remotely manage, monitor and configure hundreds of thousands of end devices.

Pro:Idiom is a popular encryption standard developed by LG for the secure delivery of content. Support is often built into television sets designed for commercial deployments, such as hotels, hospitals, sports arenas and multi-dwelling units (MDUs). The Visium SBB is the first solution of its type to include both Pro:Idiom support and an IPG while meeting the restrictive pricing requirements of commercial video service providers.

“Our ability to meet specific pricing requirements was crucial for our customers and another example of ATX’s Agile Innovation design principles in action, and how the company is right-sized for today’s evolving technology landscape,” added Underys. “Larger companies may lack the flexibility to rapidly redirect resources to quickly respond to customer requirements, while smaller solution providers are often deficient in the required industry expertise and experience needed to tackle complex problems in a compressed window of time.”

The Visium SBB can also be paired with ATX’s market-leading UCrypt® and Visium MD Media Gateway solutions to provide cable and satellite commercial video service providers a comprehensive bulk media delivery solution. Visium MD media gateways and the Visium SBB make up an especially attractive solution for transforming the in-room entertainment experience offered by hotels in developing regions, which often offer only analog television services delivered to large but non-commercial HD TVs.

In addition to fortifying televisions with encryption and IPG capabilities, the Visium SBB also supports programming delivered using MPEG4 compression, enabling MPEG4-based service delivery to televisions that only support older and less efficient compression schemes. The flexible platform is also designed to support additional services in the future.

The Visium SBB will be showcased at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, a virtual event that runs Oct. 12-15, as well as the HITEC 2020 Cyber Event, which begins Oct. 27th.

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