How Hybrid Supercapacitor Energy Storage Can Help Broadband Service Providers Improve Reliability, Reduce Costs and Achieve Sustainability Goals


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Today’s service providers are highly incentivized to move to a safe and eco-friendly backup-power solution that also balances out the performance and longevity of their investments. Most environmentally conscious decision-makers can agree that moving away from lead-acid and Lithium-type batteries is the first step toward adopting alternative and sustainable energy storage solutions. Hybrid supercapacitor energy storage technology offers several advantages over existing battery types, including increased reliability, zero-touch maintenance for up to 25 years and longer life spans, all of which contribute to impressive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings by eliminating frequent truck rolls and replacement schedules.

Watch the replay to this Light Reading-hosted webinar to learn more about this breakthrough technology for energy storage and backup power.

Insights you will discover while watching this webinar replay include:

  • Breakthrough benefits of hybrid supercapacitor technology
  • Considerations when revitalizing today’s backup power operations
  • Deficiencies of existing standby power solutions
  • How hybrid supercapacitors can shave current energy costs

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George Goncalves

George P. Goncalves

Director of PLM, Energy Storage Solutions,
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Simon Stanley

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