Local Channel Insertion

Solution Briefs

collateral thumbnailInnovative encoding and digital insertion solutions that simplify the addition of local content into commercial TV services

ATX Network’s extensive portfolio of encoders and digital insertion systems offers commercial properties a variety of inexpensive and easy-touse channel insertion solutions for all end-user environments. ATX’s local channel insertion solution enables MSOs to assist bulk accounts, such as MDUs, apartment buildings, retirement facilities and enterprise customers, to add lobby feeds and other locally generated content into television channel lineups. New channels can be programmed to broadcast a variety of localized content, including public health bulletins, event calendars and security feeds, which can be sourced from cameras, media devices and even PCs equipped with HDMI output.

The outbreak of a widespread and severe health crisis has cast a spotlight on the need to provide commercial communities with timely and relevant information specific to their residents. Community managers are now recognizing the value, convenience and importance of being able to deliver residents critical and locally-generated information over channels inserted into their regular television services.
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