The Future of Energy Storage and Backup Power Operations

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How to Improve Reliability, Reduce Costs & Achieve Sustainability Goals

Most broadband service providers still rely on energy storage technology that is unreliable, dangerous to the environment, limited in its application and requires frequent replacement. The good news is that a new form of energy storage technology, which overcomes these shortcomings and holds the potential to completely modernizing standby power operations, is now available.

This white paper from ATX, Hybrid Supercapacitors: The Future of Energy Storage and Backup Power Operations, details how hybrid supercapacitor energy storage provides broadband service providers with a safer, cleaner and more affordable energy medium, while at the same time furthering progress toward increasingly critical sustainability goals. The document enables readers to draw a direct line from the adoption of hybrid supercapacitor solutions to the reduction of landfill waste and the ability to reduce energy costs when they are at their most expensive.

Download the white paper to:

  • Explore the performance, total cost of ownership (TCO) and sustainability advantages of breakthrough backup power technology
  • Understand the environmental impact of lead-acid and other electrochemical energy storage mediums
  • Discover how hybrid supercapacitor-based energy storage enables service providers to reduce energy costs while accelerating carbon footprint reduction
  • Compare the safety, performance and lifecycle capabilities of hybrid supercapacitors vs lead-acid and Lithium-type batteries

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