REM, Quad Destacker


ATX’s return path stacker/destacker technology works in pairs between node/hub site and headend to greatly increase upstream bandwidth per wavelength. It “stacks” up to 4 independent RF returns, transmits over a single upstream laser and then receives in the headend to “destack” back to 4 independent RF outputs. This is similar to digital return in nature, but is more cost-effective, and higher return bandwidths are achievable. This destacker module complements both the I-HUB and TranScend stacker modules. ATX’s stacking return path solution provides unparalleled performance, flexibility and scalability for various network architectures. It is the preferred solution for increasing return network capacity for HFC and RFoG applications.


  • Quadruples return path bandwidth
  • 16 return paths per 1RU chassis
  • 4 return paths are outputted to the rear facing RF connectors of the ChromaFlex chassis
  • Programmable between 4 return paths 5-85 MHz or 2 return paths 5-204 MHz
  • Ideal for networks with limited available optical fibers
  • A fully segmented node’s four 5-85 MHz return signals can be transported on a single wavelength, on the same downstream fiber
  • Up to 60 km transmission without EDFAs
  • Capable of bringing back 20 ITU channels or 80 segments on a single fiber, making it ideal for RFoG
  • Can operate without a dedicated DWDM Mux and DMux
  • The destacker module supports an FSK receiver which allows the ChromaFlex controller card to monitor the corresponding I-HUB module parameters as a proxy