ATX SCE Series Supercapacitor Energy Storage Solutions

ATX SCE Supercapacitor Energy Storage modules provide cable and telecommunications operators with an environmentally clean, safe, space-efficient and long-lasting energy storage solution designed to accommodate future infrastructure expansion while increasing reliability and reducing the overall cost of ensuring continuous operations. ATX’s supercapacitor-based energy storage technology is environmentally friendly, posing no risks of leaks of corrosive liquids or thermal runaway.

A safer, longer-lasting and more-efficient alternative to VRLA and Lithium-Ion-based batteries, ATX SCE Supercapacitor Energy Storage solutions include 36V and 48V modules that support a variety of kilowatt-hour (KWh) configurations and fit into standard outdoor enclosures or 19, 23 or 29-inch racks. ATX supercapacitor-based energy storage modules, designed for both inside plant and outside plant environments, can be deployed to meet the most stringent regulatory restrictions, including compliance with California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requirements for battery-backup durations of 72 hours.