PDAQ-IP: ATSC and QAM to IP Streamer (MPTS and SPTS)

The ATX PDAQ-IP supports 16-MPTS or 512-SPTS outputs over UPD and RTP/RTSP protocols. It is integrated with eight ATSC/8VSB tuners, eight QAM/DVB-C tuners, two ASI inputs, and gateway functions. The unit can demodulate the signals from 16 tuners into IP packets, or directly convert the TS from ASI inputs and tuners into IP and output the IP packets through different IP addresses and ports.


  • Supports 8 ATSC/8VSB tuners
  • Supports 8 QAM/DVB-C tuners
  • Supports 2 ASI inputs
  • 16-MPTS or 512-SPTS output (switchable MPTS and SPTS output)
  • 2 GE mirrored outputs, up to 850 Mbps in SPTS
  • 2 independent GE output ports, GE1 and GE2 in MPTS
  • Supports PID filtering, remapping (only for SPTS output)
  • Supports “Null PKT Filter” function (only for MPTS output)
  • Supports input loop through for both QAM and ATSC on back panel
  • Secure management and configuration via an easy-to-use web browser