The Dawning of The Gigabit Generation

By Charlie Vogt, ATX Networks CEO |

Everything is about to change.

“We sit on the precipice of a digital transformation that will rewrite the way humans communicate, interact, conduct business, monitor their health, acquire knowledge and spend their leisure time.”

We sit on the precipice of a digital transformation that will rewrite the way humans communicate, interact, conduct business, monitor their health, acquire knowledge and spend their leisure time. Nearly every aspect of human existence is likely to be impacted in some way — both large and small — by the coming wave of hyper-fast, ubiquitous broadband connectivity, which we call The Gigabit Generation.

This new era of human interaction, marked by the commonplace availability of gigabit broadband connections to both businesses and consumers, is not about a better Netflix experience, faster download speeds or connecting more devices to the Internet. Mass-market gigabit-plus connectivity will push us past an innovation threshold, unleashing a tidal wave of creative exploration and entrepreneurial activity.

The Gigabit Generation will profoundly impact the lives of millions of humans, fueling advancements in healthcare, transportation, e-commerce — you name it — and ushering in an era of deep digital immersion made possible through the widespread adoption of virtual/augmented reality, as well as other bandwidth-intensive technologies currently restricted to research labs.

ATX is a catalyst of The Gigabit Generation, delivering innovations that empower service providers to seamlessly and cost-effectively expand the edges of their networks to deliver gigabit-and-beyond access speeds — without massive and costly infrastructure renovation. Ripping out existing equipment in wholesale fashion or installing new strands of fiber can be disruptive to current operations and cost prohibitive for most of today’s service providers, who need to be as nimble as possible to fend off the growing number of competitive threats.

Meeting those objectives, empowering service providers with the ability to expand the capacity and intelligence of their networks in a near-seamless manner, is the mission of ATX Networks. Our vision, simply stated, is to shape the future of broadband delivery through continuous innovation.

The most recent manifestation of that vision is the GigaWave Digital Link Extender (DLX), a next-generation platform designed to enable cable companies to push digital optics deep into the network, significantly increasing the performance, reliability, robustness and capacity potential of their access networks and the delivery of all services, including Passive Optical Network (PON), Small Cell/5G and enterprise business services, on a single infrastructure.

The GigaWave DLX, which made its commercial debut at the recent ANGA COM conference and exhibition in Cologne, Germany, is the first fully integrated, digital optical gateway platform designed to support MSOs transitioning to a Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) network by enabling dramatic scaling of the optical access links that connect headends to outside plant. The GigaWave DLX will also play a critical role in the transition of traditional HFC networks to R-PHY/R-MACPHY architectures. MSOs are looking to deploy R-PHY and other DAA models to support smaller service groups, boosting the capacity of connections to homes and businesses.

The GigaWave DLX is already empowering one major North American MSO with the ability to expand the capacity of its access network in lockstep with market demands. And moving digital optics deeper into its network also means a less-complex, more reliable infrastructure, as well as a more space-efficient headend, which can eventually be virtualized and moved into a datacenter environment.

The graceful and affordable transition of your network to meet the needs of The Gigabit Generation requires working with a technology supplier that embraces a customer-first ideology. Understanding where your business is today and helping you take it to the next level is of paramount importance to ATX Networks.

We also understand that innovation is about much more than cutting-edge technology. Listening to our customers and fully understanding their pain points means solving problems in a manner that tracks in close alignment with business objectives. ATX’s innovation philosophy is to enable service providers to continuously evolve to disruptive and thoughtful next-generation architectures in a seamless manner.

The consumption of digital data is exploding — and it’s not just video that is consuming capacity on your networks. The emergence of Smart Buildings, and even Smart Cities, fueled by the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), is creating even greater demand for broadband infrastructures capable of carrying the information that is increasingly vital to the way we live, work and play. The need for broader and smarter networks that reach into homes, buildings, sports and entertainment venues and even mobile vehicles has never been greater. ATX Networks is dedicated to making sure our customers are as well positioned as possible to be major enablers of this hyper-connected future.

If you’re ready to be a part of The Gigabit Generation, ATX Networks can help you get there.