GigaWave: Digital Link Extender 40 (DLX40) Solution

The GigaWave DLX is a next-generation digital optical gateway platform designed to provide cable operators with a powerful, futureproof and protocol-agnostic solution that enables them to expand the capacity of fiber access links between headends/hubs and outside plant facilities in a cost-effective and pay-as-you-grow manner. The aggregation platform integrates DWDM multiplexing, EDFA and optical switch functionality. When combined with the field-hardened and all-passive Digital Link Extender Receiver (DLR) unit, the pair form a platform that allows for the transmission of up to twenty optical links, redundantly across fiber distances of up to 60 km. The solution is ideal for use in areas where a legacy node serving area is converted into multiple Remote PHY (R-PHY)-based fiber deep nodes, which are fed via optical links via variety of data rates starting from 10Gbps to coherent 100Gbps. Support for PON transmission is also provided across the secondary links.


  • Supports Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) – Enables reliable and fiber-efficient Remote PHY (R-PHY)-based fiber deep node deployments
  • Optimized Fiber Utilization – Transmit up to 20 US/DS 10 GigE optical links redundantly across two fibers
  • Advanced Resiliency – Redundancy across varying fiber distances is supported automatically
  • Passive Architecture – No actives required in the field results in increased reliability and decreased Opex (truck rolls/powering)
  • Plug & Play – Simply dial in primary and redundant path lengths on initial set-up. Maintains constant gain regardless of wavelength count from 1:20 (per direction)



  • High level of integration maximizes rack space density and lowers power consumption
  • Optimized OSNR maintained in downstream (DS) and upstream (US)
  • High dynamic range and sensitivity
  • Fast optical switching time if fiber cut
  • SNMP/WEB GUI support
  • US/DS monitor ports and PON express ports
  • Two DLX40 modules per redundantly powered 1RU chassis
  • 1625nm OTDR insertion port optional at each output


  • Integration of optical devices minimizes losses, improves uniformity and reliability
  • Completely passive with wide temperature range
  • Default packaging is three trays for a FOSC-C enclosure, but many options are available
  • US/DS monitor ports and PON express ports

Solution: Distributed Access Architecture (DAA)

ATX designed the Gigawave Digital Link Extender (DLX), a next-generation digital optics platform, to enable cable operators to gracefully transition to a distributed architecture. A highly efficient and integrated solution, Gigawave DLX enables MSOs to dramatically expand the capacity of access links, migrate to a Remote-PHY/MAC architecture, push RF generation deep into the network and replace expensive hubs.

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