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ATX Expands Reach and Utility of Market-leading Visium Media Distribution Platform

Newest generation of Visium MD brings world-class commercial video capabilities to broad universe of service providers

“For nearly 10 years, Visium MD has been the bulk media distribution engine powering the commercial video offerings of some of the world’s largest PayTV providers.”

SAN DIEGO, October 13, 2020 – ATX Networks, a global leader in broadband access and media distribution solutions, introduced a new generation of Visium™ MD, a state-of-the-art media distribution platform deployed by top-tier video service providers to deliver high-end video services to millions of hotel rooms and other commercial locations around the world. The newest Visium MD Multimedia Gateways deliver significant performance and ease-of-use enhancements, extending applicability to a broader spectrum of service providers and systems integrators.

“For nearly 10 years, Visium MD has been the bulk media distribution engine powering the commercial video offerings of some of the world’s largest PayTV providers,” said Andrew Isherwood, General Manager and CTO of Media Distribution at ATX. “In addition to significant performance enhancements, the latest iteration of Visium has been engineered to adapt seamlessly to a wide variety of deployment environments without the need for lengthy integration procedures, significantly reducing operational complexity and lowering the barriers of entry for smaller service providers looking to participate in the commercial video arena.”

The Visium MD can also be paired with the recently introduced Visium Set-Back Box (SBB) to provide cable and satellite commercial video service providers an easy-to-install, full-featured and end-to-end encryption system that’s compatible with both commercial-grade and non-commercial-grade TVs.

Performance and feature enhancements include a doubling of capacity and the ability to deliver video to mobile and other Internet-connected devices through an integrated streaming server. A user-friendly installation interface and remote monitoring capabilities simplify installation and maintenance operations to a degree that enables service providers or systems integrators to support installations in hotels and other venues in remote parts of the planet with minimal on-site technical resources and expertise.

In addition, ATX has added a new form-factor option to the Visium MD platform. The new 8-slot chassis, the MD8, supports the same blades and components as the existing 16-slot system. It offers improved space-efficiency, consuming only 3 rack units in a standard datacenter environment. The new chassis, which can be configured to deliver more than 200 HD channels, also features an SFP+ module that enables direct support of optical connectivity.

All form factors of the Visium MD platform feature any-to-any support of all broadcast services, making the platform adaptable to virtually any commercial environment. By delivering the performance, functionality and broadcaster-approved security features of a traditional multi-rack headend within a compact form factor, Visium MD Multimedia Gateways present service providers with an unrivaled solution for expanding the scope and profitability of their commercial services.

One of the biggest barriers to aggressively pursuing commercial accounts is that no two installations are the same. Each venue will have a unique approach to security or different internal wiring, making it difficult for service providers to standardize on a single solution. ATX’s Visium MD is designed to follow a one-size-fits-all model that supports a wide spectrum of installation and operational scenarios. The Visium MD can easily be adapted to meet the specific needs of a variety of hospitality or MDU environments, including hotels, hospitals, sports arenas, senior care facilities and apartment complexes.

“This is a true any-to-any, fully-integrated, single-management solution that also supports a pay-as-you-grow model through its ability to adapt to expanding business and technical requirements,” added Isherwood. “The latest version of the Visium platform delivers to commercial video service providers of all sizes the same functionality and in-room entertainment experience previously available to only the top service providers in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland and Mexico.”

The 16-slot Visium MD16 Multimedia Gateway is available worldwide. The MD8 is currently in trials and scheduled for general availability near the end of the year.

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