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ATX Introduces Family of Extended-Bandwidth, Low-Loss Taps and Passives

New GigaXtend outside plant technology extends bandwidth, capacity and reach of HFC networks

DALLAS, May 21, 2019 – ATX Networks, disrupting the future of broadband access, introduced the GigaXtend™ family of taps, power inserters, couplers and splitters. The company’s latest innovation in next-generation outside plant equipment is designed to inject immediate cost and performance benefits into the HFC network, as well as position cable operators to seamlessly extend the bandwidth capabilities of their networks to 2GHz and beyond. The GigaXtend portfolio will be on display at the ANGA COM conference and exhibition in Cologne, Germany, June 4-6.

GigaXtend technology supports bandwidth of 2GHz and is designed to be faceplate upgradable to more than 4GHz if required in the future. It is applicable across all geographies and architectures, including Centralized and Distributed Access Architectures (CAA/DAA). Whether deployed in N+X or N+0 HFC network configurations, GigaXtend products deliver differentiating value to MSOs, including extended bandwidth and minimized insertion loss. While GigaXtend will benefit legacy Frequency Division Duplexed (FDD) systems at any diplex split, or any version of Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX), the outside plant technology will be essential to operators choosing to support Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD) in the future.

“The adoption of GigaXtend taps and passives enables any MSO to start reaping the benefits of more efficient and powerful architectures today, regardless of where they are in the evolution of their networks,” said ATX CEO Charlie Vogt. “In addition to getting the most out of today’s outside plant, GigaXtend is designed to enable MSOs to realize the full bandwidth potential of their HFC networks, extending the life of their existing networks by decades, or longer. This will become especially relevant as Extended Spectrum DOCSIS becomes a reality.”

GigaXtend is establishing new industry benchmarks for bandwidth, RF loss, hum modulation and AC loss. These performance benefits result from unique and patented power-passing and connector technologies, as well as design methodologies that overcome many of the fundamental limitations found in legacy products.

GigaXtend’s minimized insertion loss enables MSOs to effectively extend the reach of nodes and amplifiers. It is especially effective for cable operators pursuing fiber deep (FD) Node+0 initiatives, where coaxial construction costs or the number of nodes can be minimized in a serving area. Alternately, MSOs can make use of GigaXtend’s low-loss properties to achieve operational savings by reducing a node’s RF output power, thereby reducing AC powering levels.

The new ATX outside plant solution’s inherent extended bandwidth performance also provides MSOs with more flexibility for reaching 10G symmetrical broadband access speed milestones. GigaXtend is compatible with FDX architectures, but also offers cable operators a feasible path for achieving similar symmetrical bandwidth speeds through Extended Spectrum DOCSIS, an industry-wide initiative that has gained consideration as a potential alternative or supplement to FDX. GigaXtend technology is designed to negate power and reach issues associated with adding new spectrum to existing infrastructures.

“Much of the design and strategy behind GigaXtend is about providing MSOs with added agility and flexibility,” added Brad Nikkari, VP Access Network Products, at ATX. “N+0 and FTTH remain viable technology paths for cable operators that will need to support the multi-gigabit demands of future consumers and businesses. But the introduction of GigaXtend means that these are not the only options. GigaXtend allows MSOs to maintain their broadband leadership positions, delivering multi-gigabit service offerings for decades to come using the same network they’ve spent the past 20 years building.”

The GigaXtend family includes multiport taps, power inserters, couplers and splitters. The housings are environmentally hardened for long life and are the typical size for a wide-body tap. The 90-degree entry ports support strand, pedestal and wall-mount applications, but also have a unique patented screwless RF entry connection that allows quick installation without having to remove opposing port covers and tighten a screw. Screws required with competitive taps can be dropped and lost in the field, or could loosen over time and introduce common path distortion (CPD) issues.

General availability of the GigaXtend outside plant solution is scheduled for later this year.

ANGA COM attendees can visit ATX at Stand #G13, Hall 7 to learn more about the GigaXend family of products.

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