The Definitive Guide to Evolving Your HFC Network

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Redefining the Broadband Experience

Cable operators now face unprecedented challenges in their decades-long reign as the preeminent supplier of broadband services, placing existential importance on their ability to near-flawlessly evolve their networks without falling behind the competitive curve. With so much on the line, it’s imperative that MSOs exercise precision in the planning and execution of essentially every move they make between now and when they potentially light up 1.8GHz of spectrum on their networks.

This document, in addition to detailing the scope and significance of this once-in-a-generation upgrade, will provide readers with a comprehensive list of options and considerations for upgrading the equipment in the outside plant in a manner that will put them on the optimal path to deliver multigigabit symmetrical services with market-leading responsiveness and reliability.

Download the white paper to:

  • Understand why MSOs should focus on end-user experience, rather than speed and capacity to fend off competitive threats
  • Learn why MSOs enjoy a cost-efficiency and time-to-market advantage over entities building all-fiber networks
  • Discover why the transition from 1.2GHz to 1.8GHz is the most monumental in the history of the cable access plant
  • Understand why the move to DOCSIS 4.0 is more about the upstream path of the HFC network, rather than the downstream
  • Find the optimal path for upgrading your HFC network in lockstep with subscriber demand and without regrettable spend

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