GigaXtend GS7 1.8GHz Node

The ATX GigaXtend™ GS7 1.8GHz Node is designed to assist cable operators in evolving their HFC networks to meet subscriber demand, while fully leveraging previous outside plant investments. The GigaXtend GS7 1.8GHz Node is the DOCSIS 4.0-capable successor to the popular and widely deployed Cisco® GS7000 Node platform. ATX, which licensed GS7000 technology in 2022, is also authorized to provide upgrades to existing GS7000 nodes. The modular design of the GigaXtend GS7 1.8GHz Node enables MSOs to upgrade existing GS7000s to support Extended Spectrum DOCSIS and high- and ultra-high-split spectrum allocations through amp module upgrades or full station replacements.

ATX fortified the GigaXtend GS7 1.8GHz Node with all-electronic level and slope control, reducing the learning curve for technicians and significantly streamlining installation and maintenance operations. Technicians can configure and tune GS7 nodes through the GigaXtend Orchestrator, an easy-to-use installation and maintenance app with a graphical user interface that connects to the node over Bluetooth.


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  • Trouble-Free Installation and Maintenance: ATX has fortified the GigaXtend GS7 1.8GHz Node with time-saving maintenance and control intelligence. All-electronic level and slope control reduce the learning curve for technicians, significantly streamlining installation and maintenance operations. Technicians can configure and tune nodes using an IOS or Android device through a Bluetooth connection.
  • Field-Proven and Easily Upgradable: The DOCSIS 4.0-capable successor to the widely deployed GS7000 node platform, the GigaXtend GS7 enables MSOs to extend previous HFC investments decades into the future and cost-efficiently evolve their outside plants to deliver multigigabit symmetrical services through drop-in upgrades. Unlike other node platforms, the GS7 is upgradeable to 1.8GHz and DAA without the need to replace housing lids or complete housings.
  • Reduce Operational Overhead: Upgrading to the GigaXtend GS7 1.8GHz Node means MSOs with an installed base of GS7000s can avoid retraining technicians and expending the time and expense of integrating a new technology platform into the network. Advanced electronics have also eliminated the need to stock plug-ins and modules for segmenting spectrum, saving costs and improving technician efficiency.
  • Multivendor Support: The GigaXtend GS7 1.8GHz Node is designed to support third-party technologies, providing MSOs with multiple options for upgrading their HFC nodes to support DAA, PON and future technologies. By easily integrating new technologies into the platform, the GS7 provides MSOs with a multipurpose node that supports a variety of applications and access architectures.


  • Designed and built for longevity by former Cisco/Scientific-Atlanta engineers
  • Positions MSOs for upgrade path to DAA, Remote-PHY & Remote OLT
  • Existing housing lids support DAA roadmap – lid replacement not required for Remote-PHY
  • Demonstrated interoperability with DAA
  • Seizure mechanisms are fully field upgradeable to 1.8GHz without removing hardline connector or cable
  • All-electronic control, including ability to modify segmentation through an IOS or Android app (GigaXtend Orchestrator)

Solution: Distributed Access Architecture (DAA)

ATX offers MSOs an extensive portfolio of next-generation inside and outside plant equipment that includes Video Engines, Digital Optical Transport, HFC Nodes, Amplifiers and Hardline Passives, and conforms to all MSO architectures and specifications, including DAA, DOCSIS® 3.1, DOCSIS 4.0 and Extended Spectrum.