Top Things to Consider when Building (or Buying) a Smart Amp

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Cover of Smart AmpEvery product upgrade cycle offers the opportunity to introduce new capabilities and features with primary goals often being to reduce operational costs, complexity and improve the overall performance and efficiency of the network. Industry momentum around increasing the monitoring and control intelligence in next-generation HFC amplifiers, those capable of supporting DOCSIS® specifications, is a textbook example of this form of progressive technology innovation.

The big question currently in debate is, “what bells and whistles will the next-gen Smart Amplifier need to include that doesn’t break the bank?” ATX takes a step back and shares top considerations for answering this question in the new white paper, Top Things to Consider when Building (or Buying) a Smart Amp. Download the white paper to get insights on top considerations and other sources of intelligence that can be tapped into to help cable operators find the right balance in how smart a smart HFC amplifier needs to be.

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Key Findings

  • What advanced degree cable professionals are considering for next-generation amplifiers
  • Sources known to provide a treasure trove of network-related diagnostic information that can be leveraged
  • Additional factors that need consideration before increasing the intelligence of HFC amplifiers