GigaXtend GMC 1.8GHz Booster Amplifier

The GigaXtend GMC 1.8GHz Booster Amplifier is designed for outside plant environments that have been upgraded to 1.8GHz and may require additional amplification between amplifiers located at the end of the line of taps.


Product Overview Video; click to watch

  • Low gain, low power small form-factor amp
  • Utilized in 1.8GHz designs to fill gaps in RF levels often associated with long untapped express cable runs or last-tap locations
  • Conforms to SCTE 279 1.8GHz amplifier specifications
  • Simple set up: No plug-ins or controls


Made in the U.S.A.

A critical BEAD funding qualification is purchasing equipment that is assembled in the U.S.A. ATX got a head start on that requirement when it opened a manufacturing facility in Holly, Michigan, April of 2023. Watch this video to get insight on how ATX is utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing to crank out several hundred thousand intelligent HFC amplifiers a year.


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