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Cover of Gigabit GenerationThe digital evolution is about to shift into high gear. The nexus of mass-market gigabit broadband, big data and AI will bring to the digital realm a combination of speed and intelligence that will reshape entire industries and redefine human interaction – as well as significantly accelerate the demand for even faster digital connectivity. Download this document to understand why MSOs must adopt an Agile Network Model to achieve the flexibility and efficiency required to meet future market demands and keep ahead of the competitive curve.

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Key Findings

  • How the advent of widespread gigabit broadband will unleash a new era of innovation and entrepreneurial exploration in the digital realm
  • About the role that data analytics and machine learning, when combined with hyper-fast broadband, will play in transforming healthcare, education, transportation and other industries
  • What actions cable operates will need to take to meet the challenge of upgrading the capacity of their networks at a fast-enough pace to meet future demands for hyper-fast broadband
  • How the adoption of an Agile Network Model will enable MSOs to jump off the traditional upgrade treadmill and significantly shorten the time and expense of future technology transitions
  • To recognize the critical characteristics of solutions based on the Agile Network Model, including massive scalability, the integration of multiple components and the ability to support future protocols and technologies