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12-Slot Universal Mini-Mod Chassis

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    • High capacity fully regulated power supply provides the most efficient performance, ensuring reliability over a wide range of environmental conditions
    • High efficiency power supply (over 70%) equipped with cooling fan minimizes power consumption and heat dissipation
    • Current overload protection prevents damage to system and prolongs power supply life
    • Internal fusing circuitry provides current overload protection and precise voltage regulation, preventing component damage

  • Blocks escape of cool air when used with forced air ventilation systems
  • Provides uniform look when not all module slots are filled
  • Slides easily into ATX’s mini-chassis systems and those of other manufacturers

Specifications | Ordering Information



 Module Capacity  12
 Input Voltage Range  100-240 VAC
 Input Voltage Frequency  50/60 Hz
 Power Required  68 Watts Each
 Output Volt. (V1) @ 4A  5 VDC
 Output Volt. (V2) @ 4A  12 VDC
 Efficiency  70%
 Line Load Regulation  ±1%
 Minimum Load  10%
 Video Input Conn.  75Ω F-Female
 Audio Input Conn.  5KΩ F-Female Unbalance
 RF Output Conn.  75Ω F-Female
 UR Listed Power Supply  Yes
 Operating Temperature  10~50°C
 MPC-12/12C  19” (L) x 7.5” (D) x 3.5” (H)
 MPC-BP  1” ( L) x 4” (D) x 3.4” (H)
 Weight  MPC-12 7.8 lbs.
MPC-BP 0.4 lbs.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information
MPC-12 12-slot Universal Mini-Mod Chassis and Power Supply
MPC-12C 12-slot Universal Mini-Mod Chassis Only
MPC-PSF12/16 Universal Power Supply
MPC-BP Universal-Chassis Blank Plate

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