SDQ6: 6-Channel SD Encoder QAM/Modulator

ATX’s SDQ6 is a high-performance MPEG-2 video encoder that encodes six composite video and Dolby® stereo inputs into multiplexed QAM and ASI outputs. Occupying a single rack space, the compact unit offers PSIP virtual channel mapping of each channel, in addition to EAS and closed captioning. With up to 40 dB of RF output and remote access capabilities, the SDQ6’s extensive feature set makes the unit the most cost-effective encoder in the marketplace. The SD encoder is ideal for commercial residential properties, academic and medical facilities, local area network applications for both CATV and broadcast, as well as the hospitality industry.


  • Encodes up to six composite video and stereo audio inputs into one QAM
  • QAM modes supported: Annex B, 64, and 256
  • Codec: MPEG 2 MP@ML video compression
  • Frequency range: 54 MHz to 864 MHz
  • Maximum output level: 40 dBmV
  • 1 RU unit
  • Equipped with EAS and closed caption
  • Remote control and monitoring via an easy-to-use web browser
  • PSIP tables allow users to configure virtual channel maps for each channel